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Ahoy everybody

Thanks for checking out my website. What I like to do is make art that makes me laugh. I'd like to think my work is sort of like a mixed media dad joke. Silly, funny, G-rated. 

Art is a skill I learned as a kid while spacing out during math class. I'd hone my skills by doing doodles on my times tables tests instead of finishing my assignment. At the same time I also learning the art of the parent teacher conference. 

Fast forward past all my art inspired detentions I graduated high school and found out that there was a place that actually encouraged fewer math tests and more doodling. So I packed up my things and moved to San Francisco to attend The Academy of Art University. It was the best! 

Now I live in Brooklyn, NY. Where I make goofy fun art and still take random art classes. This time at The New School. 

If you have any good recipes for nachos please email them to me. I feel like nachos are like potato salad. Everybody's mom makes them differently. Currently tater tot nachos are my favorite. 

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